programs for young people

final bows after the "Lai de Bisclaveret" ("Tale of the Werewolf") at Fairview Theatre

Fun & Educational Talks

Talks can be geared towards different levels, age five and up. For university level, see: programs for adults.

Medieval Musicians

Who were the medieval musicians, what instruments did they play, and where did they perform?

Medieval Feasts and Festivals

Games, songs, dances, medieval recipies such as macaroni and cheese, and how to behave in court.

The Dance of Death (and other Scary Stuff)

Gargoyles, vampires, werewolves, mythical beasts, and the famous Dance of Death.

Medieval Performing Arts

An "apprenticeship" in medieval performance for a group of children and/or teens.

Story-poems were a popular medieval form of entertainment. The group, assisted by the Ensemble, will prepare a performance with musical and dramatic elements, to be presented at the end of the workshop.